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New to Campsite: advanced demographic data and campaign analytics

by Campsite

We’ve just added new features to our platform! With these updates, you can now more effectively launch mobile retargeting ads, have a deeper understanding of your ROI and better plan future campaigns.

Advanced campaign data metrics

With deeper insight into campaign metrics, like impressions per hour per screen, venue type, latitude and longitude, you can now easily target your mobile campaigns to audiences exposed to your DOOH ads.

Our newest update now enables you to export data in CSV format to be integrated with your mobile buying platforms and analytics tools. For more information, click here.

Detailed demographic reporting

To more accurately calculate ROI and know how to improve for future campaigns, it’s important to know not only where your ads played but also what audiences were reached.

With our new demographic report, you can now further break down campaign results using our 150+ demographic profiles to better understand who saw your DOOH ads. For more information, click here.

For more on these updates and demos of our new features, check out our blog post.

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